“ We believe that our immediate surroundings affect the way we feel and so by creating a harmonious and beautifully balanced environment in which to live we can transform your life”

Founded by creative director Madeleine Anséhn, we specialise in
designing high end, private residences both locally and internationally from our Chelsea offices.  While her Swedish lineage and Scandinavian design strongly influence her design work, Madeleine has lived abroad and travelled extensively for well over a decade thus giving her a global design outlook and an extensive contact list.

House of Hanna offers a bespoke Interior Design and Decorating service and by working closely with the client and / or their representatives we are able of taking a project right from the initial stages and seeing it through to completion.

House of Hanna creates classic yet contemporary interiors that are both timeless and unique. Considering every aspect of the client’s personality and lifestyle we create spaces that are layered and rich in texture and we enjoy sourcing and
combining old and new pieces for a truly unique interior full of character. By balancing form, colour, space and light we pride ourselves on creating spaces that are practical as well as beautiful spaces in which to live.